Coupon codes and how they work

With the explosion of the internet on online shopping, one of the biggest industries to come out of it is coupon sites.

Coupon sites are everywhere and the reason for this is that they are a huge benefit to both consumers and retailers.

The consumers benefit from these coupons because it gives them goods at a good discount to the normal price they would normally pay. The benefit to retailers is that coupon sites drive traffic to their site which they would not normally get. They also get greater volumes of sales and also get free advertising all over the internet.

Many stores with often a few different types of coupons . The first type of coupon is a simple discount of coupon. This will give you a flat $ or % off your purchase.
The second type of coupon is a free shipping coupon which can save you lots of money if you’re buying something that is normally heavy to ship.

What the carriers are doing to advertise the iPhone 4S

To market the iPhones 4S to consumers, AT&T will be taking a different tact to the other carriers. They will be advertising that the data downloads on the iPhone 4S will be faster on their network. The question that most consumers will be wondering is, is this really the case?

The iPhone plans are similar across all the carriers, so it will be difficult to win market share from other carriers. If it is true that AT&T can offer faster download speeds, then this could be the differentiating factor that could win it that crucial market share.

The iPhone 4S on each of the carriers is in fact, actually the same. What the difference is is that AT&T’s network supports High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) which is compatible with the iPhone 4S. The other carriers do not have this capability.

HSDPA allows for theoretical speeds of up to 14.4Mbps, which can only be achieved with the iPhone 4S on the AT&T network.

This immediately sounds like a win for AT&T and the consumer however, the 14.4Mbps is only a theoretical maximum speed. The actual speed that a user can achieve could actually be significantly less. AT&T have released in a press statement previously that a users typical download speed would be more like 700kbps to 1.7Mbps. This speed does not even come anywhere near the maximum speed of 14.4Mbps. AT&T have also mentioned that they are liaising with Apple to try to add a new indicator to show the consumer they are using a 4G network.

T-Mobile’s network has a much more capable HSDPA network, however the network runs at a frequency that is not supported by the iPhone 4S making it useless.

Expect AT&T to start marketing the iPhone as being faster on their network. They won’t be able to differentiate on the iPhone 4S price, so this will be the only way.

The HTC One X is the start of something big for HTC

If you are looking for a Smartphone that will help you to access fun applications and make calls on the go, there will be no other better option than the HTC One X. The 720×1280 AMOLED Plus screen of this model will deliver you sharp and picture perfect image quality. The phone is also best for capturing your special moments and recording your memories with the 5 MP auto-focus camera in corporate in it. Another great feature of this smart phone model is the Android OS that the phone runs on. You will be able to download and run the latest application on the phone easily.

GPS facility is another great feature of the phone. This will help you to find the shortest as well as easiest route to the destination you are traveling. HTC One X plans are available and it is a complete smart phone for the people, who are looking for amazing features within the lowest budget.

The Apple iPad 3 will be the best selling tablet this year

There have been an unprecedented number of tablet devices released this year by all the major technology companies around the world. All these companies have one dream, of dethroning the Apple iPad 3.

Apple have been able to grab an unbelievable market share in a segment that barely existed a year ago. The Apple iPad 3 has been able to grab the imagination of users and leverage off the popularity of their iPhone series of devices.

The iPad has become Apples second best selling item, behind the iPhone, in a couple of short years. An amazing feat by any company.

In Australia, we have the choice of purchasing an Apple iPad 3 outright from any number of retailers or we can purchase iPad 3 plans from the mobile phone carriers including Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. The iPad 3 is available in many forms including 3G capable ones and Wi-Fi only versions.

How well has the Samsung Galaxy S3 performed

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been available on the Australian market for over a month now and yet it continues to be one of the best selling smart phones. Over this time, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has gone from being a popular expensive flagship device to a very affordable flagship device. In fact, you can even get Galaxy S3 plans starting at $59 with the device included for free.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was always expected to perform well as it is following in the steps of the very successful Samsung Galaxy S2.

The devices success is attributable to its brilliant hardware and software features. The device has a quad core processor which it’s very quick and makes applications on the device run very smoothly. It also has a top of the range Super AMOLED plus screen which makes pictures and movies look amazing.

The device also has some great software features such as the music hub which allows you to download songs from a collection of 15 million tracks.

The iPhone 4S in Australia has cemented Apple’s position

In a testament to how popular the Apple iPhone 4S is in Australia, even after being available for over 6 months, iPhone plans are still not common. The device has sold so well without being discounted that the carriers have not bothered to even provide any deals for the handset.

The Apple iPhone 4S has achieved excellent popularity mostly due to the fact that they have such a big fan base. This big fan base goes on to tell family and friends about how great the product is and they win over new fans. One of the key methods of creating brand loyalty is ensuring that there is something about your product that keeps customers coming back for more. The thing that keeps Apple customers coming back for me is their App store. Most users purchase something in the App store and if they do not continue to use the Apple iPhone, they will no longer be able to use that App.